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Richa Chadha shares ‘signs of sociopath’ checklist, Twitter thinks it’s a response to Kangana Ranaut’s self-praise

Richa Chadha and Kangana Ranaut worked together in Panga.

Actor Richa Chadha has shared a checklist for identifying sociopaths. She had previously shared a checklist about narcissistic personality disorder. Her tweets were seen by many as a response to Kangana Ranaut’s recent claims.

Actor Richa Chadha, after sharing a checklist about narcissistic personality disorder, has shared another about sociopaths. This comes after a series of tweets from Kangana Ranaut, in which the actor compared herself to the likes of Meryl Streep, Gal Gadot, Tom Cruise, and later, Marlon Brando.

Without giving names, Richa wrote, “To start the process of healing, we must know what we’re up against.” The chart listed the ‘signs of a sociopath’ and included descriptions such as ‘never apologises’, ‘expert storytellers’, and ‘presents themselves as a hero with high morals’.

Other descriptions suggested that sociopaths are ‘untruthful’, ‘manipulative’, and ‘egocentric’. Richa had previously shared a checklist for narcissism. ‘Acts different in public than in private’, ‘Lives in a fantasy world which may induct porn, flirting, affairs, and dreams of unlimited success and fame’, ‘Will lie and distort facts and change events to suit their own agenda’, ‘Lack sympathy for others, especially those they exploit’, were some of the signs she had marked out.

While Richa never mentioned Kangana in her tweets, others drew the comparisons. “@KanganaTeam – Is she talking about you?” one person asked. Another person, however, said that it was ‘disgraceful’ of Richa to suggest someone has a mental illness. Richa’s earlier tweet was retweeted by actor Taapsee Pannu. Both have been attacked publicly by Kangana in the past.

Over the last couple of days, Kangana has compared herself to some of the most celebrated Hollywood actors in history. Sharing photos from her films Thalaivi and Dhaakad, Kangana had written in her tweets, “Massive transformation alert, The kind of range I display as a performer no other actress on this globe has that right now, I have raw talent like Meryl Streep for layered character depictions but I can also do skilled action and glamour like Gal Gadot #Thalaivi #Dhaakad.”

Kangana promised to give up being ‘arrogant’ if someone is able to name a better actress than her. “I am open for debate if anyone can show me more range and brilliance of craft than me by any other actress on this planet I promise to give up my arrogance, until then I can surely afford the luxury of pride #Thalaivi #Dhaakad,” she wrote. On Wednesday, she compared herself to Marlon Brando, and said that she doesn’t care about certain awards.With Thanks – Hindustan Times

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